Reporting Services - Where have my data sources gone

The SQL Server Reporting Services Manager web portal has been re-written for 2016.  and this has provided a number improvements that have made it very quick.


In doing that they’ve made some changes to the UI. The first thing that got me was, “where are my data sources”. I had written a littel powershell script to upload reports, data sets and data sources but when I went into the portal they weren’t there.


At this point my question were is it an issue with my powershell, my install of SQL Reporting Services 2016 or somethign else.


I finally convinced myself that the first two weren’t the issue by looking at what was returned from the webservices I dig some digging. and hey presto.


There is a new “View” button in the menu that allows you to display different object types and data sources are off by default. I’m not sure I like the behaviour, if you don’t want them displayed hide them.


What I would like to see is that when you have a view that is filtered that there is some indication that there are other objects that have been filtered from the view. I’m not the only one that will wonder where there objects are.


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Published Tuesday, April 5, 2016 9:32 AM by simonsabin


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