May 2016 - Posts

Are you a SQL Server user and use SQL Server Management Studio and think it could be better?

Are there common tasks that you do that you think SSMS could do something to make easier?

Are you trying to implement SSDT but are hitting problems?

Do you use other tooling and would like some of those features in the core SQL Server tools?


If any of those are true or you just want to see what the direction of SQL Server tooling is and what this whole monthly release thing is about, then you need to pop along to our meetup tonight, at Microsoft’s office in Paddington.


We have Kevin Cunnane and Eric Kang from the SSDT team and Sanjay Nagamangalam and Ken Van Hyning who will explain the renaissance of the SSDT and SQL Tools, how the team is working, what they are thinking about the future, how you can help them influence that future.

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