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How big is your procedure cache?

There have been continuing reports by most people I speak to about theire procedure cache becoming huge. Especially on 64 bit systems with lots of memory. Memory that you want for your data. The issue is due to the storinging of compiled adhoc plans....

SSIS - 64 Bit woes

I am starting to regret installing 64 bit vista on my laptop, my woes are continuing as I found out today I can't debug script tasks. I do hope this is fixed in Katmai :) The full limitations, and there are a few, can be found here

PDF 64 bit iFilter at last

If you use full text and wat to index pdf documents you might have found you run into problems on a 64 bit machine. This is because there is no 64 bit iFilter for pdfs. The iFiliter is the bit of code that interprets the code and spits out the information...