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SQL 2016 Technical Deep Dive Video – Azure

This is the set of videos from the SQL Server Engineering Team on SQL Server 2016. This post is covering SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform in Azure. For the other groups of videos have a look at. Customer Stories And End To End Implementations...

Continuous delivery and Azure SQL Database achieving the impossible

I was very proud to be asked to speak at Ignite at the start of May. . I encounter much scepticism about continuous delivery for databases, more over many...

Download Azure Publish Settings file/Publish Profile

This is a quick note to myself that to download the publish settings file go to or call the powershell cmdlet Get-AzurePublishSettingsFile...
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Interested in going to the cloud then this might be useful

Bob Duffy is doing an afternoon seminar on Azure. It will provide an introduction to the Azure platform, and in particular SQL Azure, show tools and methodologies to migrate on premise databases into the cloud, using a sample application and database...
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What version is SQL Azure?

There have been a few blog posts about SQL Azure version numbers and not to rely on the number to figure out if you are connected to azure or not. This is in part due to SQL Server going to one code base for Azure and on premise SQL. Well SQL Azure is...
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Sharding in SQL Azure

The federation (sharding) support in SQL Azure is almost upon us. This was introduced at PDC in October last year If you want to read about the federation...
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Azure Data Sync - Class not registered EC413D66-6221-4EBB-AC55-4900FB321011 - 0x80040154

I’m building a little sync app to sync data between databases and came across this error. I thought it was a duff install but spent some time on it this morning. Well the issue was that when you create a windows application in Visual Studio 2010 not only...

Webscale is all about sharding and its coming to SQL Azure

There are many that joke about developers always talking about webscale and needing to shard to be able to scale. In reality many systems, if not most, don’t need to be able to scale to numerous nodes because todays processing is so powerful. However...
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Newbie error with Windows Azure–403 not authorised

Azure uses certificates to manage secure access to the management side of things. I’ve started looking into azure for some SQLBits . So in doing so I needed to configure certificates to  connect. VS nicely will create a cert for you and copies a...
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