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PowerQuery – The power of M

I love PowerBI, actually I love PowerQuery. It's a great way to combine data from around your business, across the web from anywhere. What I really like is very little is done automatically, i.e. it doesn't do the nice data type detection you...
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Do you do BI? You’re on trial every day

I was reading the news today about the Kercher murder trial and the acquittal of Amanda Knox. The reason for the acquittal was the DNA evidence that was collected, and was the foundation of the prosecution in the original trial, could not be relied upon...
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Oracle and SQL Virtual Chapter Today 20/10/2010 4PM GMT

Oracle / SQL Server virtual chapter meeting is TODAY Wednesday October 20, 2010 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time  /  GMT – 4 May I ask the chapter leaders to help us out by forwarding this on to your members? More information may be found on our website...
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Where is the intelligence in Business Intelligence?

Many people believe that if they go ahead and implement a Business Intelligence solution they will suddenly have an intelligent business that will tell them how it is operating and what they need to do. Customers they need contacting will be flagged, orders that are likely to be late are notified so as to keep the customers happy, and the boss is alerted as to the reason profits have fallen from 15% to 10%.

The expectation is that the system, the data warehouse, the reports will provide this intelligence.

This is just wrong.

Just because you give .............


Performance Point RTM is now available

I got an email from MS today saying the Performance Point RTM is now generally available. Performance point is something I am interested in but as with many new technologies I have yet to dedicate any time to picking it up. If you are interested in learning...
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