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Do you use schemas? would you like keyboard shortcuts in SSMS to work with them

If you use schemas then you will know that keyboard shortcuts don’t work with them due to the period (.) in between the schema and the object name. If you would like the SQL team to fix this, then vote on this connect item
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FTP doesn’t work with proxy accounts in SQL Agent – calloc error

Not sure this is a windows server 2008 R2 feature or more wide spread, I would guess that it applies to all windows operating systems. If you try and user a proxy account for a sql agent job that does an FTP using the windows FTP.exe , whether through...

SQL Intellisense doesn’t work with CAST

If you find this behaviour very frustrating then please vote The problem is that CAST invokes the intellisense drop down when you type AS, when it shouldn...
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Error: The type of the value being assigned to variable ?? differs from the current variable type. Variables may not change type during execution. Variable types are strict, except for variables of type Object

If you get the above error and you have no idea why (i.e you haven't changed the data type of a variable) then it is likely due to a data type inference issue with SSIS. You might think that SQL is returning a value of one type when in fact it isn't...

User defined function performance is awful, Micorosft please sort this out

User defined functions looked like something great when they were introduced in SQL 2005. They are a very logical step to make more code reuseable by wrapping common code in functions. It is an approach that is in development 101 and something everyone does and looks to doing.

So what is the problem with SQL Server.

Well the issue is that ......


"unable to switch the encoding" when deploying XML Schemas using Database Professional

I've just blogeed about how to use XML Schema Collections in Visual Studio Database Professional Project I mentioned there is one gotcha about. The gotcha is if you have UTF-8 encoded schemas then they fail to be deployed. This is because they get...
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A significant part of sql server process memory has been paged out

Do you have the following occuring on your SQL Server system. If so it is likely you are running SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 Standard edition on x64 hardware. It will be causing you serious performance issues when it occurs, as all your database...

Gotchas in Management Studio 2008

If you script objects in management studio 2008 be careful its a bit forgetful. If you are using a case insensitive collation and you have objects that refer to other objects but use different case for the object names then when you try and script objects...
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What application doesn't have UNDO in today's world

Well the first that is close to my heart is Integration Services and its really annoying. I tried to track down a connect item for this but couldn't find a specific one. So I raised one

Full text thesaurus files bug in documentation

I don't normally blog about documentation errors generally because they're often not that major however this one is fundamental what is being explained. This is the page online
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