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Do you use schemas? would you like keyboard shortcuts in SSMS to work with them

If you use schemas then you will know that keyboard shortcuts don’t work with them due to the period (.) in between the schema and the object name. If you would like the SQL team to fix this, then vote on this connect item
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The optimiser should understand that year(datecolumn) is correlated to the datecolumn

If you have a query such as select year ( OrderDate ) yr , count ( 1 ) from AdventureWorks2008 . Sales . SalesOrderHeader group by year ( OrderDate ) and you have an index on OrderDate you will find that even though the query optimiser could do a stream...

Unhelpful error messages

Following my last post on the login failed message not being as helpful as it could be ( half-error-message-login-failed-for-user-reason-failed-to-open-the-explicitly-specified-database ) I thought it would be good if people could post any other unhelpful...
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Reporting Services – Custom Code requests

If you’ve been developing complex reports in reporting services then you will likely have resorted to custom code to solve issues like custom aggregations and custom colour palettes. Below are a set of suggestions that relate to developing custom code...