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DDD 8 Entity framework follow up - Will cast(column as int) allow use of an index

I pointed out yesterday that the EntityFramework doesn't like smallints. Well it does and it doesn't The model handles them fine and the objects have datatypes of int16 which is great. However the queries that are generated do this odd thing with...
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Entity Framework how to stop your DBA having a heart attack

My code and presentation from my session at Developer Day 8 are now available here DDD_8-Entity_Framework Code Entity framework presentation Any questions let me know. Also for more on the new features in Entity Framework v next go to http://blogs.msdn...

DDD 8 vote for the sessions you want

DDD8 is at the end of the month. They've now opened voting for the sessions that are to be held. so get voting. By the way I've submitted two sessions, one an extended version...