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SQL Server Denali - Serverless SQL Server

Who hates having to install SQL Express to get SQL Server. Anyone ever used those automatigally attached databases you can do with SQL Express. Yes! Wow you must be the only one.

SQL express whilst its awesome to have a free version of SQL its a total pain to install.

OK you could go with SQL Compact edition but then you lose half of your features.

As part of the SQL Server Denali  feature announcements they have mentioned a new “serverless SQL Server” (Watch the video for some details). The key thing is that this is in process SQL Server that spins up when you application runs and shuts down when it stops. Importantly it DOES NOT require a service to be installed.

I think this will be an awesome feature and am looking forward to test drive this when its available.


SQL Server Denali – Whats new for indexing?

This is a placeholder for content about what’s new in SQL Server vNext aka Denali. I will be updating this as more content is published.

Is the rows figure stored in sysindexes accurate

It wasn't guaranteed to be in SQL 2000 and earlier, but work was done in SQL 2005 that should mean that the rows figure stored in sys.partitions should be accurate. Madhivanan has posted about the different ways to count rows and this is the quickest...

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The simple answer is there isn't one. If you insert 1000 rows into a table and then want to get back the 43rd row you inserted you can't. You can read through all rows and return the 43rd one that the database reads from the table but that is...
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