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How to build the SQL community

I’ve been running SQLBits for 5 years and have always had a desire to make the SQL community better. I’ve often thought about running for the board but have never stood up Just over a year ago I was at a meeting with some SQL leaders about growing PASS...
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Is the problem with PASS, the community?

I’ve been watching the fall out of the appointments of James and Kendal to the PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server) board and it got me thinking. The following are some of the blog posts. Bill Graziano -
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Adding Slicers to Reporting Services–Downloads

I promised to have my presentation available online. Here is the presentation and and the projects. I will be provided details of how to deploy the assembly and do the drag and drop slicer functionality over the weekend. You can download the presentation...

Advanced reporting services–Slicers - Slides and demos from 24Hrs of Pass session

Here are the files from my Advanced Reporting Services 24 Hours of PASS session on how to put slicers in reporting services. Here is a screen shot of what is possible. One filters the data (Excel style) and the other greys unselected data out (Crescent...

Scream if you want to go faster

My session for 24hrs of pass on High Performance functions will be starting at 11:00 GMT thats migdnight for folks in the UK. To attend follow this link The rest...

Should PASS hold the conference on the East coast

Bill Graziano asked if PASS should go to the east coast . I for one don't see any reason why not. Firstly I'd ask what the purpose of the conference is. Is it to a) foster the SQL community, b) market the SQL Server Product c) educate people on...
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