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Azure Data Sync - Class not registered EC413D66-6221-4EBB-AC55-4900FB321011 - 0x80040154

I’m building a little sync app to sync data between databases and came across this error. I thought it was a duff install but spent some time on it this morning. Well the issue was that when you create a windows application in Visual Studio 2010 not only...

Don’t, don’t, don’t change the server name if you are using replication

Replication is a very old beast that has been developed over the years. Because it communicates to other machines in interesting ways it has some quirks. One of those is the server names. We all know and love @@servername but that doesn’t have to be the...
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Developer Day 4 Demo - Now available

The demo files associated with are now available. Make sure you read the description first as it includes how to deploy the demo. - var height=90;var width=720;

Asynchronous Processing in SQLServer 2005

My presentation from Developer Day 4 is now available here Please remember to fill in the feedback on Developer Day 4 at - var...