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SQL 2016 Technical Deep Dive Video – BI and Integration and reporting

This is the set of videos from the SQL Server Engineering Team on SQL Server 2016. This post is covering BI, Reporting and Integration . For the other groups of videos have a look at. Customer Stories And End To End Implementations Azure Big Data and...

SQL Server Denali – Whats new for reporting?

This is a placeholder for content about what’s new in SQL Server vNext aka Denali. I will be updating this as more content is published.

Report Builder 3.0

Report Builder 3.0 has some minor additions that make your life a better world. On that i’ve just found is the ability to know what renderer is being used. Why is that useful? Well in all the training I do on Reporting Services I always highlight the...

RS How To : Multi value parameters and IN clause

Following my preview two posts about using filter and with IN in the multivalue parameters. Rob Farley has posted a bit more detail on how Reporting services cheats.

RS Howto: Use the IN operator in a filter expression

Filters are not always a good thing in reports as it generally indicates you are getting more data back from the database than you need. However I often find that I want to use virtually the same data in a report jst formatted differently, i.e. a chart...

Performance Point RTM is now available

I got an email from MS today saying the Performance Point RTM is now generally available. Performance point is something I am interested in but as with many new technologies I have yet to dedicate any time to picking it up. If you are interested in learning...
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SSRS Getting pounds instead of dollars

As much as I hate to admit it Microsoft is a US company which means everything defaults to US. So dates are in mmddyyyy not ddmmyyy format, words are missing letters such as color instead of colour and the currency is dollars and not the Great British...

Reporting Services - How to rotate text on a report

I've been trying to do this for a long time and even looked into writing some CLR code that would take some text and produce a graphic of the text rotated. Well all my prayers have been answered by a colleague of mine. Thanks Andrew. To get text rotated...

ProClarity 6.3 available on MSDN downloads

I've just logged into MSDN downloads and was very shocked to see ProClarity available for download. Both server and desktop versions are available. You can read more on Proclarity here - var height=90;var width=720;
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Update to the taskpad custom report

Thank you to those people that informed me that my taskpad report was incorrectly reporting the backups times against the wrong type of backup. I have now fixed the report and have also included the backup types that are supported by SQL 2005. You can...