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Table Valued Methods on Type

I amd really getting into the use of UDTs as a way of packaging up SQL CLR code. I'm also looking into implementing an array type so I can do code like declare @s dbo . SQLArray set @s . AddKeyword ( 'sas' ) set @s . AddKeyword ( 'dog'...
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SQL Server 2008 Spatial - Using it in .Net code

So you want to use the SqlGeometry and SqlGeogrpahy collections in .Net. I found the lack of friendly collection based properties and methods suprising, i.e. no iterators, no collections which you can add to.(

Katmai Spatial - What's a geometry

Following on my previous post on discovering the spatial types I mention that one of the aspects to understand is the different types of geometries. Point Fairly this is obvious its a single spot that has an X and a Y co-ordinate. Multi Point A group...

Katmai Spatial - First thoughts

I've been doing some work with the Spatial types in Katmai and these are my first thoughts. The first thing is that the data type is the same used by SQL as used in your .Net code. So what does that mean, · You use the same methods, which is great...

CREATE ASSEMBLY Permissions - Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user

If you encounter this Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user <MyDomain>/<MyName>, error code 0x5. When you try and CREATE an ASSEMBLY, you might think well I'm not connected as that user. The user it sqawks about is the...

Unload app domains when using the SQL CLR

SQL Server has a SQLOS that manages the use of threads and memory, this includes how SQL CLR operates within SQL Server. One of the items it does is manage the app domains used by SQLCLR. A question was raised about if it was possible to unload appdomains...
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