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SQL Server Denali – Whats new for spatial ?

This is a placeholder for content about what’s new in SQL Server vNext aka Denali. I will be updating this as more content is published.
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SpatialViewer Beta 3 – new release

Just released an updated version of the spatial viewer   This is a C# app that allows you to draw shapes and then get the spatial representation for them in WKT format. It also allows you to manipulate shapes union...
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Spatial data in the UK

I am just loving the fact that the Ordance Survey has now released a huge amount of data that can be used freely. I’ve downloaded the Panorama (tm) data . which...
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Virtual Earth Silverlight Control - Register Now

If you want to get your hands on the CTP of the Silverlight Virtual Earth Control then you will need to go to Connect. There you will have to complete a short survey and I guess you will then be informed when the download is available. https://connect...
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Converting Mappoint routes to SqlGeography

The mapping services from microsoft aren't limited displaying maps in Virtual Earth, and not only limited to websites. There are numerous webservices for, resolving locations to longtiudes and latitudes as well as a routing api. I am working on something...
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SQL 2008 and Virtual Earth : Converting a VERoute to a SqlGeography

At the SQL 2008 unleashed event I demoed some code that incorporated VE with SQL 2008 to find those people attending SQLBits that where near your route to the conference. I've been asked to provide the code for that, unfortunately the code is to entangled...

Spatial data where to download

I'm going to build a list of locations to download spatial data for free. This is the first It allows you to downloads country boundaries, roads, water bodies and cities...
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SQL Server 2008 Spatial - STContains for Geography type

Where is the STContains function for the Geography type. I don't know but its not in Sql Server 2008. As a workaround you can use STIntersection and compare the results with the geography you are comparing with i..e declare @g geography = 'POLYGON...
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Viewing Geometries on Virtual Earth

One of the biggest challenges in understanding spatial data is visualising shapes. In 2D it isn't two bad, and I have started the SpatialViewer project on codeplex ( ) However visualising Geography types requires...

SQL Server 2008 Spatial - How to create a circle?

How do you create a circle in a planar system. Ok so there are some funky algorithms for creating a set of points all the way round the circle. Well there is a much easier way. Create a point i.e. POINT (10 10) and the use the STBuffer(radius) method...
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