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Get some kids to help your presentation style

Do you have any children? Well if you don’t then I can strongly advise that you get some, to help your presentation style. This isn’t an excuse to just go out and have intercourse with anybody just so you have some mini mes on the planet this is about...
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Entity Framework how to stop your DBA having a heart attack

My code and presentation from my session at Developer Day 8 are now available here DDD_8-Entity_Framework Code Entity framework presentation Any questions let me know. Also for more on the new features in Entity Framework v next go to http://blogs.msdn...

Microsofts not so best practices

Dave has doe a couple of great posts on how Microsoft aren't adhering to best practices in there own products. This is also related to the talk...
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DDD 8 vote for the sessions you want

DDD8 is at the end of the month. They've now opened voting for the sessions that are to be held. so get voting. By the way I've submitted two sessions, one an extended version...

Developer Day Scotland Registration is Open

Registration for Developer Day Scotland on May 2nd is open. We have a SQLBits track and I am doing a session on SQL Server Myths, a must see for any serious SQL server person -
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SQLBits - Introduction to XML, Performance Tuning SQL and SQL Injection

I've submitted a couple of sessions for SQLBits IV You can see the sessions that have been submitted so far by going here - Submitted Sessions - var height=90;var width=720;

Irish Microsoft Conference

I am doing my first speaking event outside of the UK. The guys organising the Irish Microsoft Technology Conference kindly invited me to speak. Following on from and combing some previous sessions I've done I will talking about Service Broker and...
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