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SQL Server Denali - Whats new for Tools?

This is a placeholder for content about what’s new in SQL Server vNext aka Denali. I will be updating this as more content is published.
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Deploying a database solution in Visual Studio Database Professional - Tip

I really like the database projects in visual studio however there are a few bug bears that really annoy me.

This post is about deploying a solution.

When working in development i have the project set to build the delpoy script and to deploy it. Whats annoying is that I prefer to work in the schema view of the project and not the solution view and in schema view there is no context menu(that I know of) to deploy the project. So each time you want to deploy you have to go to the the solution explorer view, this is very time consuming (relatively).

I decided this week to find a way around this, .....


Data Data everywhere even when you think its gone

The biggest problem I have faced in IT over the last decade has been loss of data. I have had the problem at work where servers have crashed and lost data, more often than not due to failure of disks. I have also personally felt the pain in a hard disk...

Add-ins for Management Studio

This is one of the popular requests, unfortunately its not going to be in Katmai. A number of people have done it through Redgate being the major guys. However I came across Seans post about his snapshot Addin ( I would love to see the code Sean) http...
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How to access SQL Server when you've forget the password

There is a little known feature of SQL Server 2005 is that when you start SQL Server in single user mode local administrators of the server have sysadmin access to the sql server. You may feel this a security concern, but if a user can get local admin...

How many indexes do you have that aren't used?

If you run this sql on a sql 2005 box then you will see which indexes aren't used in queries compared with the number of times they are updated. select object_name ( s . object_id ) , * from sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats s join sys.indexes i on i ....

SQL Compare is public beta

The latest version of SQL Compare is now in public beta. You can read more here . I'm a big fan of SQL compare although there are numerous annoyances I hope they have addressed. - var height...
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SSIS - Viewing packages in Management Studio

Its odd how you often find things out by accident. Yesterday I was copying a dts package into a folder on my server and for some reason the drop didn't drop. When I then switched to management studio and XP finally decided to drop the file it did...

Katmai - Group Policy for SQL Server

If you've worked in a large AD shop you will have come across Group Policy. A means by which you can make sure each component in a domain has the same settings, behaves the same way, has the same security. This is essential when managing a large server...
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Limit a sql script to only run with SQLCMD turned on

I really like SQLCMDso much so that most of my deployment scripts use SQLCMD. Its got some great features such as :on error exit. Forcing your script to exit when an error occurs. or :r <filename> to read the contents of a file There is one downside...
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