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SQL Azure Federations and Semantic Search by the SQL product team in London tonight (Monday)

Don’t forget that tonight we have Michael Rys from the SQL Server Product Team presenting on the Federation support coming to SQL Azure and the Semantic search coming in SQL Server Denali. This is a must attend evening for anyone that is serious about...

Working with large XML files in Management Studio

Have you ever tried to generate a large XML file using FOR XML and then found Management Studio die when you try and look at the whole XML document (probably so you can save it). Well the issue is that normally ALL elements and attributes are generated...
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SSIS - XML Source Script

The XML Source in SSIS is great if you have a 1 to 1 mapping between entity and table. You can do more complex mapping but it becomes very messy and won't perform. What other options do you have? The challenge with XML processing is to not need a...

Generating surrogate keys with xquery

Saving a hierarchy of data from an XML document into a set of tables is a problem when the only relationship between nodes in the hierarchy is the position of the node. SQL doesn't like implied things like this. It likes things to be explicit. This...
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XML Validation in SQL Server Intergration Services

I've been workig with XML in SQL Server Integration services this week and to say the XML task in SQL Server Integration services sucks is an understatement. Its buggy, the documentation is woefully inadequate in some cases wrong. I believe this was...

XML Schema Collection in Database Professional Project

If you are wanting to use schemas in your database using database professional then it is not that obvious.

You can add XML SCHEMA COLLECTIONs but where do they do to. They are tuck away in the programability node under types, not the most obvious location.

Secondly if you create schemas using the ADD file option you will be presented with a file like,.


    AS N'[xml_schema]'

Thats not too great if you already have your schemas and/or want to use the schema tools in visual studio. You don't want to have to copy the schema into the string bit of the declaration

The trick is to ....

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"unable to switch the encoding" when deploying XML Schemas using Database Professional

I've just blogeed about how to use XML Schema Collections in Visual Studio Database Professional Project I mentioned there is one gotcha about. The gotcha is if you have UTF-8 encoded schemas then they fail to be deployed. This is because they get...
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SQLBits My Sessions

I've got a few sessions submitted for SQLBits. I would love to give some of them so please vote if you want to see more on SQL Server Myths, XML in SQL Server or general performance tuning. -

How to make an HTML table version 2

I posted yesterday about a generating an HTML table. Overnight I had a think as I wasn't happy with the UNION ALL bit of the query and realised you could use sub queries instead. So here is the simplified version. NoteL I've changed the * for...

Creating an HTML table from SQL

There used to be a stored proc you could use to create an HTML table from a query. The only time I came across this was on a training course 8 years ago and then I didn't see the point. With the introduction of XML support in SQL it's eay to create...