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Advanced TSQL training

Over the past few years, Ive had it on my to do list to write and deliver and full-scale SQLServer training course and not just an hour long bite size session at user groups and conferences.  To me, SQLServer development is not just knowing and remembering the syntax of commands.  Sometimes I semi-jest that i have “Written a merge statement without looking up the syntax”, but I know from my interactions on and off line that I am far from alone in this.  In any case we have an awesome tool in the internet which is great at looking things up.

When developing SQL Server based solutions,  of more importance is knowing the internals of the engine.  SQL Server is a complex piece of software and we need to be able to understand to a fairly low level ( you can always dive deeper ) the choices that it makes and why it makes them in order to deliver performant, reliable, predictable and scalable systems to our customers and end-users.

This is the view i shall be taking over two days in March (19th and 20th) in London and ,TBH, one I dont see taken often enough.

Early bird discounts are available until 31Dec.

Full details of the course and a high level view of the bullet points we shall be covering are available at the Technitrain site ( http://tinyurl.com/TSQLTraining )