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A year of SQL Lunchs

Time does fly, and happy birthday SQL Lunch UK.


It has been a year since the first SQLLunch UK, and over the year there have been 21 Lunchs with a total of 537 attendees.  OK, some of those will be the same people but in ‘conference speak’ each registration counts, but in any case i’m delighted by the success and looking forward to repeating this over the coming year.  The first few presented some interesting technical challenges, those have been licked and now with the scaling out to Cardiff we have a few more but nothing that is insurmountable.

To ‘celebrate’ this occasion it is only fitting that Patrick LeBlanc (b|t) will be presenting a session for us on the 26th of Feb.  Full details will be on SQL Server FAQ soon,  so hope to see you in either London or Cardiff.

A massive thank-you to the Attendees for coming along twice a month for a pint and SQL knowledge and an even bigger one to all of the speakers many of who have stayed up late (12:30am in New Zealand )  or up early (4:30am in Seattle) ,  your efforts are very much appreciated.


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