September 2007 - Posts

Why you would want to un register is beyond me but some people have asked.

As the main registration is being handled by Microsoft Events you need to contact them to unregister.

You can email or phone 0870 166 6680 referencing the event id 1032349295

If you can't come then please unregister so those waiting can come.

The agenda for SQLBits is now live at

Solid Quality

There is also more information on the Group By This is being sponsored by Solid Quality Mentors. We have hired a bowling alley in Reading so it should be a good laugh, we'll have some prizes for best score, worst score etc. If you have registered for SQLBits can you please update whether you are coming to the Group By as we need to know numbers ASAP.


There is also a travel section which provides details of addresses and also coaches from and to the train station. Redgate are kindly sponsoring these coaches which will also be available in the evening to go to the Group By. The times for the coaches are on the travel page, spaces are limited to the numbers that said they were coming by train.

The travel page also include details of hotels as I am sure some of you want to stay over in Reading on the Saturday night.

Idera have also agreed to become platinum sponsors. They will be providing each attendee with something special. We'll tell you more on the day.

Can I please remind you that if you cannot come please unregister with Microsoft events. We have a wait list of people that want to come along and can only do so f those that are not going to come unregister.

SQLBits is now full, Yippee.

If you want to register then you will be put on a waitlist as people unregister you will be notified if you come off the wait list.

If you have registered and cannot come, please please, unregister. We have a fixed number we can allow in on the day and if you registered and don't turn up it means someone else will have missed out. So make sure you un-register if you are not able to come.

We will be running more of these next year, there are 10s of thousands of database professionals in the UK and we only have limited space at these events, so not everyone can attend.

In order to get the best attendance in the future we will be reviewing the attendee and registration list after this event, anyone registered that does not attend may find it impacts their future attendance at these events.


We have had reports of problems with the Microsoft Events site. These appear to be intermittent so I ask you to be patient. Please remember to attend the day you have to be register using the Microsoft Events site. You can get the link by voting for your 10 sessions here ( ).

Keep your eyes posted shortly for some news on the GroupBy event that we are holding in the evening after the event, and also some hotel deals.