October 2007 - Posts

You may have noticed a guy chatting with people in quiet corners at SQLBits. The guy was craig murphy and he was doing interviews throught out the day. The podcasts of the interviews are now available on Craigs blog.


If you went to SQLBits and saw Dave's session you will undoubtedly be smiling at this point.

Daves session was by far the most popular but if you didn't get to go to SQLBits or didn't get to Dave's session then all is not lost. Craig Murphy managed to video the session and has put it online.


So enjoy the wonder fo Daves Top 10 SQL Keywords.

The sessions from the SQLBits conference on the 6th are now on the site. See the home page for details. www.sqlbits.com

Thank you for all the feedback you have given it is really good and constructive, I hope we can address some of those points that you raised and make the next one even better.

We sent out the book vouchers on Sunday night from contactus@sqlbits.com We have managed to be able to extend the offer to include postage and packaging so you won't have to pay a penny.

Some people with quicktime installed had some problems, which should have been resolved. If you have any further problems or don't get an voucher when you expected one then let us know using the email above.

Its now sunday evening and SQLBits finished just over 24hrs ago. We had 321 delegates turn up and have some fantastic feedback. Not everything went perfectly but the feedback we have had has been great and so the next on should be even better.

Yes the next one, we will be having more of these so keep posted for news later on in the year.

If you are wondering about the session slides and demos they will be on the site next week. The book vouchers should be sent out this week.

Not long to go until the first SQLBits. We've spent some time sorting out the giveaways and there is a lot. In addition the sponsors have some great stuff to give away from Ipods to XBoxs.

The SQLBits Final Agenda is now live on the SQLBits site. www.sqlbits.com/information/agenda.aspx and can be downloaded here www.sqlbits.com/information/agenda.pdf