June 2008 - Posts

Have you got something you've found out that you think others might be interested in. Then submit a session for the next SQLBits on 13th September 2008.


You need to be logged in to fill in a BIO and submit a session.

Once we have all the sessions in we will open voting to get the community to decide which sessions they would like to see.

If you're stuck for ideas have a look at the sessions from the previous events.





You may be aware that there are a few organisations that help usergroups. One of these is Culminis which SQL Bits is registered with. To tell Culminis how great SQL Bits is we need you to complete the Culminis survey selecting SQLBits as the usergroup.

The survey is here http://survey.culminis.com/takeSurvey.asp?surveyID=235 and consists of 4 questions, one of which is the usergroup question.

We would grealty appreciate you completing this survey, the more people that complete the survey the more funding we can get from culminis.