Friday, September 11, 2009 2:26 AM simonsabin

Unisys as Gold sponsors for SQLBits

I'm really excited about Unisys sponsoring SQLBits for a number of reasons. Firstly they are new sponsors and our first hardware sponsors. What this means for you as attendees is that we can demo some amazing stuff.

How many times have you seen presenters say, "Sorry I can't demo this because I don't have a 64way server and 1000 disks in front of you, all I've got is this laptop". Well hopefully UNISYS wil be able to demo some really huge scale stuff live.

Hopefully Henk van der Valk will be able to show some of this in the sessions he's submitted. I was in a session at PASS Europe where him and Thomas Kejser did demos on a 96 core machine. This was probably the nest session I've been to in years.

So if you are wondering whether SQL Server can scale then you must come to SQLBits and we will show you.

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