November 2009 - Posts

Many people have been asking about when will the downloads be available. A few are already available


More will become available as we get them in from speakers.

Thanks for your interest.

If the content we've got lined up isn't good enough, Thomas Kejser (Microsoft SQLCAT) has offered along with his partner in crime Henk from Unisys to partake in an informal thing on the Thursday evening.

I call it a thing because its going to be an informal gathering discussing SQL stuff. We have, a projector, some chairs, two really knowledgeable guys on SQL and importantly a bar.So it should be a blast.

I think the idea is we get some drinks and then just see what unfolds. Undoubtedly Henk will wheel out his 96 core monster and Thomas will talk about storage at some point.

So if you are there on Thursday or coming for Friday make sure you get there to come and join us.

We will be starting about 7:30, so just follow the signs.

Using the Bing maps you can now find people that are near you that have offered lifts to SQLBits.

Go to click on the person you wish to contact and then just send them your details so they can get in touch with you.

I hope you find it useful.


Red Gate have kindly offered to support SQLBits by sponsoring the evening reception. So for one of the evenings of SQLBits the drinks will be on Red Gate.

Really chuffed at this as we like to have the UK companies supporting us.

So make sure you haven't booked your train for 5pm as you'll miss the fun and games we've got planned for after the sessions have finished. We've got drinks and games planned for both Friday and Saturday evenings. The games include table football, giant connect four, air hockey and more.

The agenda is now published for SQLBits you can select the day at the top.

We've got some issues with colour coding since upgrading the the latest controls we use so sorry for all the blue.

Please remember that if you aren't going to be able to make it please cancel your registration. It costs us £50/person/day so if you don't cancel it means it makes it more difficult to support events in the future.


Henk van der Valk is a consultant for Unisys. If you've never heard of him then he is one of the guys that worked on the ETL world record for loading a database last year. This was done with 64 cores.

Now with support for 256 cores, Henk got his hands on a 96 core server and showed you what you could achieve with such a server.

Have a look at this video to see what Henk could come up with

If you are really interested in SQL Server performance then make sure you come along to SQLBits to learn how you can really scale SQL Sever.