February 2010 - Posts

Session submission for SQLBits VI is now open.

So if you have a topic related to the performance and scalability of any part of the SQL Server stack that you think people might be interested in then please submit it:

To submit a session do the following

Even if you have spoken before you need to complete your profile by agreeing to the speaker agreement. If you haven't uploaded please upload a photo.


Get submitting and we'll see you in London in 2 months time.

You might ask why only the Friday for SQLBits VI. Well it is a question of time. We have only just finalised the venue and so we don't have the time to get all the sponsors and speakers we need for two days. There will be another event in London on the Thursday and so we decided to have SQLBits VI on the Friday allows people to attend both events.

Whats more its been a very long time since there has been a full day of amazing content for free on a weekday in London.

Don't worry we haven't given up on running SQLBits on a Saturday. We are always looking out for venues. If you know anyone with a great venue to hold a few hundred SQL professionals then let us know and maybe we can run the next SQLBits there. If its a free venue even better.

We are proud to announce the next SQLBits will be held on the 16th of April at the Church House Conference Centre. Its right next to Westminster Abbey so a very impressive location.

The event will be focusing on performance and scalability.

For more details visit the site over the next few weeks.



We are organising the next SQLBits and would love you to help out.

The event isn't possible without the kind support from everyone in the SQL community, if you want to be part of the team that runs SQLBits then let us know. We've have loads of things we have to do from managing sponsors to stuffing swag bags so the more helpers the better.

If you are interested then send us an email to contactus@sqlbits.com

Orcsweb are kindly upgrading the hosting account that we are using for SQLBits. This is so that we can host all the great videos we have of SQLBits, and hopefully do more.

If you are considering getting hosting then Orcsweb are very good and there support is fantastic.

A big thank you to Orcsweb for providing us this service