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The December CTP of SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 is now available for download here. You can also download the latest CTP of SQL Server 2005 Books Online (BOL) from here. One of the changes which I mentioned in an earlier post is that custom reports in Management Studio now require a .rdl extension rather than the .rdlc extension that was required in the earlier CTP. I'll modify the example reports I have on my blog to reflect this in the next couple of days once I get it installed and tested but in the meantime you should simply be able to rename the report file extension from .rdlc to .rdl to get them working on this latest CTP.
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Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 has now been released and you can download it here (be warned it's fairly hefty at 431MB). Scott Guthrie has some good installation tips on his blog.
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The SQL 2005 DDL Audit Samples are a collection of applications for configuring DDL (Data Definition Language) auditing on one or more SQL Server 2005 instances. These applications were first presented at the PASS 2006 Community Summit in my presentation Building a DDL Audit Solution using SQL Server 2005 and as promised are now available to download. Full source code is provided for all applications and reports.

Download Page for Sample Applications
View the Readme file


  • DDL Audit Admin application - used to configure central audit database and deploy auditing to additional instances (screenshot)
  • DDL Audit Viewer application - used to view audited events across all monitored instances (Summary, Detail)
  • DDL Audit Reports - a selection of sample reports used in conjunction with DDL Audit Viewer
  • Full source code for all applications and reports

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    The RTM build of Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals (aka Datadude) is now available on MSDN Subscriber downloads and there's also a trial edition that can be downloaded from here. Note that to install the Trial Software you must have Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite installed (retail or trial edition) on your machine.

    Update: From the Datadue himself it seems that if you have a full version of Team Suite already installed you can just download the trial version (19MB) of DataDude and it will recognise the fact and install as retail rather than trial. Saved me a 2.5GB download, thanks Gert!


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    The slides and demo code from my presentation for the 2006 PASS Community Summit "Building a DDL Audit Solution using SQL Server 2005" are now available here. Note that this does not contain the sample application demonstrated at PASS as I'm still putting the final touches on the readme file. The install pack containing the DDL Audit Admin, DDL Audit Viewer, DDL Audit Reports and all source code should be available in a couple of days for download.

    View Presentation
    Download Presentation and Sample Code
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