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I'm happy to announce that 2 of the most popular tools on are now available on Codeplex including full source code. I've set up projects for SQL 2005 Service Manager and for Expressmaint. Downloads will still be available on both and Codeplex but source code is only available from the Codeplex projects

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On the 6th October 2007 there will be a FREE UK SQL Server conference held at Microsoft HQ in Reading. Details of the proposed sessions and speakers are now up on the site and you can now register on the site as well. Places are limited to 300 so book early to avoid missing out! When registering, pick the top 10 sessions you are interested in to help decide the final conference agenda.

SQLBits Conference 2007

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A new release of Reporting Services Scripter is now available for download

Fixes in Release

  • Fixed an issue with the command line version opening the inputfile as read/write which causes an error when the file is under source control

New Functionality in Release

  • Added a new advanced configuration option (UseTimeoutForRSExe) to allow overriding the default timeout for scripts run via RS.EXE. This option adds a new TIMEOUT script variable to the generated batch file
  • Added a a new advanced configuration option (UseLazyLoading) to enable lazy loading of the Report Server catalog which improves performance for very large catalogs.
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A new version of SQL2005 Service Manager is now available for Windows Vista users. This version is specifically designed for the UAC (User Account Control) requirements of Vista. Exisiting users running Windows XP or Windows 2003 do not need to install this new version. There is no new functionality in this release other than its ability to run as a standard user in Vista.

SQL2005 Service Manager is a replacement for the SQL Service Manager that came with SQL Server 2000. It allows the monitoring and management of all local SQL Server related services from a convenient system tray application.

Download SQL2005 Service Manager for Vista

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A new release of Reporting Services Scripter is now available for download

New Functionality in Release

  • This release adds a a new advanced configuration property to RSScripter.cfg called WebServiceTimeout. This allows the increasing of the Timeout property of the Reporting Services webservice proxy for installations with extremely large catalogs (100,000+ items) to prevent timeout errors when initially fetching the catalog. This property is set in seconds and defaults to 300 (5 minutes)
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The July CTP of SQL Server 2008 is now available for download on the SQL Connect site. You can see a nice graphical representation of what's new on the SQL Server 2008 Improvement Pillars page. Highlights incude:

  •  Reporting Services Enhancements to core processing and redering engine, Tablix support and removal of IIS dependency as well as new Report Designer and configuration tools
  • New date and time data types
  • Performance Data Collection
  • Object Dependencies improvement provides reliable discovery of dependencies between objects through newly introduced catalog view and dynamic management functions.
  • Database Mirroring Enhancements

One thing to note if you currently use Notification Services is section 5 of the readme for the July CTP

5.0 Deprecated Features

This section covers SQL Server 2005 features that are no longer included with SQL Server 2008.

5.1 SQL Server Notification Services Removed from SQL Server 2008

SQL Server Notification Services will not be included as a component of SQL Server 2008, but will continue to be supported as part of the SQL Server 2005 product support life-cycle. Moving forward, support for key notification scenarios will be incorporated into SQL Server Reporting Services. Existing Reporting Services functionality, such as data driven subscriptions, addresses some of the notification requirements. Features to support additional notification scenarios may be expected in future releases.


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