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Microsoft have released a set of security updates for SQL 7, 2000 and 2005 to resolve four privately disclosed vulnerabilities. For details of the affected systems and vulnerabilities see Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-040. Note that if you have already applied Cumulative Update 7 or higher for SQL Server 2005 SP2 then you already have these fixes as they were included in CU7 released in April.

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An updated version ( of the ExpressMaint utility for automating database maintenance operations for SQL 2005 Express Edition is now available. This new version includes the following additions and fixes

  • Added 2 new database operation types for updating database statistics
  • Added new switch to allow multi database operations to continue if one or more databases fail
  • Added fix for SMO Index Reorganise bug (Connect Item 339570) which caused reorg to fail when indexes had non default fill factor

Download Latest Version and View Updated usage notes from sqldbatips.com

Download Source Code from Codeplex

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A new build of SQL 2005 Service Manager is now available for Windows Vista ( This releases adds compatability for SQL 2008 RC0 and filters the SQL Agent service from being managed for SQL 2008 Express Edition (see why here)

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Now that Hyper-V is RTM (download update here) I figured I'd take the plunge and dual boot my laptop by installing a Windows 2008 x64 partition. All went well and I installed the Hyper-V role and the RTM update. When it came to starting up a VM however I found that it wouldn't start because the Intel-VT extensions were not enabled (they are Off by default). After quite a few scans through the BIOS settings I finally found the correct option (it's under POST Behavior which to me seems to be not very intuitive!). The instructions for enabling the required hardware settings for Hyper-V are below (Dell XPS M1730 with A06 BIOS)

  • Boot into Setup (F2)
  • Navigate to Security>CPU XD Support and ensure it is Enabled (it is Enabled by default)
  • Navigate to POST Behavior>Virtualization and ensure it is Enabled (it is Off by default)

Hope this helps, it took me a while to find this and searching google didn't help (in fact most of the dell forum posts seemed to indicate it required a BIOS update past A06 or wasn't possible).

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