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In the UK we had a Technet event at Microsoft Reading last Wednesday to celebrate the RTM of SQL Server 2008 (see more here). It was a great day with lots of interesting and fun sessions highlighting some of the benefits and new features of SQL Server 2008 as well as a Rock Band setup for the party afterwards (and yes I suck at Rockband). There was also a great cake as can be seen below!

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One of the strangest UI design decisions in Management Studio for SQL 2008 is that by default the Start Debugging button is right next to the Execute button as shown below

I myself have hit it by accident more times than I'd like to admit and I have seen many a demo (by MS staff as well) run into problems because of people hitting the Debug button instead of the Execute button! I think this is especially true for long time SQL users who have used Query Analyzer a lot as it looks exactly like the Execute button from QA. The good news is that you can simply remove it from the SQL Editor tool bar by clicking the Toolbar options button (as shown below) at the end of the SQL Editor toolbar, selecing Add or Remove buttons>SQL Editor and unchecking the Debug button. There is a debug toolbar you can use for debugging, it's just too annoying/dangerous having the Debug button right next to the Execute button.

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Although most of the functionality that used to be available for managing Reporting Services from Management Studio has now been removed in SQL 2008 (I assume because research showed the majority of customers use the Report Manager web interface), enabling the "My Reports" feature has strangely been removed from the Report Manager interface and is now surfaced only in Management Studio. To enable the "My Reports" feature in Reporting Services 2008 connect to the Report Server using Object Explorer in SSMS and right click the server and choose Properties. The feature can be enabled by checking the "Enable a My Reports folder for each user as shown below