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SQL Server 2008 installation vows on Windows Server 2008 - SQL Server Knowledge Sharing Network (@sqlmaster)

SQL Server 2008 installation vows on Windows Server 2008

After I knew about the SQL 2008 RTM release news I have blogged SQL2008RTM-official here and as usual I have attempted to download the setup media from Technet which took a while (3 hours) to download the file, due to the obvious reasons of MSDN/TEchnet premium subscribers all over the world were attempting the same.

Ok, I have got the setup media and to test upon I have downloaded the files for following editions:

SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. SQL Server 2008 Enterprise is a comprehensive data management and business intelligence platform that provides enterprise-class scalability, data warehousing, security, advanced analytics and reporting support for running business-critical applications. With this edition, it is possible to consolidate servers and perform large-scale online transactional processing.

SQL Server 2008 Web. SQL Server 2008 Web is designed for highly available, Internet-facing Web-serving environments running on Windows Server. SQL Server 2008 Web provides the tools necessary to support low-cost, large-scale, highly available Web applications or hosting solutions for customers.

As the SQL Server 2008 Web edition is quite interesting and suitable for web-related applications as referred above. I need to test the editions in order to ensure the Web edition is suitable for set of clients I support to reduce the costing of deploying the SQL Server 2008 within their data platform, interesting eh.

Extracted the setup files and as one of the best practice I haven't attempted to install SQL Server to my laptop directly (remembering the Old-CTP6 installation issue), rather I have created a new Virtual Machine (Virtual Server 2005) with Windows Server 2008 to install. So far so good, now the flurry of troubles are started after a double-click of setup  file on [en_sql_server_2008_web_....] directory!

First one is :

  • SQL Server does not install the .NET Framework 3.5 software development kit (SDK). However, the SDK contains tools that are useful when you use the .NET Framework for SQL Server development. You can download the .NET Framework SDK from the .NET Framework Web site.

  • Requirements to restart computers during SQL Server Setup: Installation of the .NET Framework requires a restart of the operating system. If Windows Installer installation also requires a restart, Setup will wait until .NET Framework and Windows Installer components have installed before restarting.

Next one is requisite for Visual Studio (for a moment I wondered what this is for!)

Rule "Previous releases of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008" failed.

Struggled to find out why the setup is bombing out with same error (2 times), a couple of searches on MVP private newsgroups found the resolution, bingo!

956139 Visual Studio 2008 SP1 may be required for SQL Server 2008 installations

Then all good with the installation and completed with no further errors, phew.

Failed to start SQL Server services, with no obvious errors or indication. Inspite of checking the local policy on the server to ensure the relevant service account has got privilege to logon locally with ADMIN privileges. Like the one below:


Finally I have found the detailed information and resolution on the issues that might occur on Windows Server 2008 Firewall issues - Windows-SQLServer_2008_FirewallWatchout with an excellent post by Shawn Hernan (thanks).

Hope you might fall into one of the above issues or all of them and I believe this should help.

Published Friday, August 8, 2008 11:14 AM by ssqa.net


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