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SQL Server 2008 - Unstructured Data Storage Solutions and Best practices, SQLBits - SQL Server Knowledge Sharing Network (@sqlmaster)

SQL Server 2008 - Unstructured Data Storage Solutions and Best practices, SQLBits


Data is most business-critical for any organization and no doubt that they invest heavily to make data management system more efficient, above all the storage is important piece in the puzzle.

Now a days there are no limitation in terms of what kind or type of data you can store in the database, where SQL Server has no such limitation since version 2008. Storage of relational and beyond relational data is managable but think when such data (unstructured) needs to be managed on high volume in the form of digital images, documents, videos, and other multimedia formats—and these new data formats are quickly becoming a key component in formal and informal business processes that integrate with existing business applications, comply with regulatory requirements, or simply provide a richer user experience.

For instance consider the business requirement of an Insurance company to store policy documents for retrieval during the claims processing and an online retailer needs to store the images & video footage of the products that are sold on the website.


On 21st November I'm speaking on the subject the solutions of Unstructured Data Storage using SQL Server 2008 with a tour of best practices. I have designed the session that can  help you to build a strategy and learn how the SQL Server 2008 new feature is addressing the needs of storing large volumes of unstructured data, while still retaining relational control over it. These solutions enable you to reduce both capital and operational costs for large stores of unstructured data. In this session we also cover the best practices in such storage kind of projects.


The examples that are give above are sample, come to the session to know more on strategy you can follow by the way in which unstructured digital data is used in businesses throughout the world; and as it becomes increasingly easy to create digital content, organizations are finding new, innovative ways to use this digital content to improve or extend their business capabilities.

During the Microsoft Tech-Ed North America conference I had been to Kevin Farlee's session to know more on the subject, I will cover few from my learnings & experience on the topic!

In this regard on the topic agenda I'm speaking in a major SQL Server User conference in UK on 20th November 2009 - SQLBits V register here if you haven't done yet!



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