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SQL Server Manageability Series: how to change the default path of .cache files of a data collector? #sql #mdw #dba

How to change the default path of .cache files of a data collector after the Management Data Warehouse (MDW has been setup? This was the question asked by one of the DBAs in a client's place, instantly I enquired that were there any folder specified...

SQL Server - Have you observed DBCC SHRINKFILE operation performance, on huge databases?

In general it is not a best practice to perform SHRINK database operation on a production server, atleast regularly! Sometimes it may be compulsory to keep them sized in order to ensure the disk storage is not compromised for any sudden changes to databases...

SQL Server Reporting Services - avoid restarting IIS when security groups are added

You may be aware that using normal method of http://servername/reports will give access to the users and if you grant reporting service permissions using the folder properties security (or report manager) to the Windows groups you might need to restart...