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SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition - a treat for small scale businesses

SQL Server Express edition is a light-weight software within SQL Server arena, it is classed as database platform that makes it easy to develop data-driven applications that are rich in capability, offer enhanced storage security, and are fast to deploy...

SQL Server version has a known compatibility issues with Windows 7 RC. This warning is genuine and applies to all SQL Server editions, including all Express editions.

There is no need to guess about the rootcause of the above error message, as it clearly mentions about compatibility issues as a warning.... read more !

SQL Server 2008 Express features and variation from previous version

Flood of questions fromthe users during a recent usergroup meeting. What will the specification for the SQL Server 2008 Express version be? What will be the differences between it and the 2005 version, not with MSDE? How about SQL Agent attachment to...