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SQL server 2008 R2 setup - feature installation, side-by-side support with previous versions

Here is a setup based question raised in my recent SASSUG usergroup meeting when specifying about slipstream installation during the installation of SQL Server 2008 R2. Once you click on Setup application and pass through the screens with default &...

SQLAzure - whats on your mind?

A new section on my blog site - SQL Azure. Remember SQL Server Data Server (SSDS) which has got a new naming as 'SQL Azure'! This is the new kid on SQL Server platform that has built on the SQL Server technologies to deliver relational database...

SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition - a treat for small scale businesses

SQL Server Express edition is a light-weight software within SQL Server arena, it is classed as database platform that makes it easy to develop data-driven applications that are rich in capability, offer enhanced storage security, and are fast to deploy...

How fast you can obtain information about missing indexes? Its easy and quick!

On the subject line the process to find the answer is not a short one! By design SQL Server engine takes care when the query optimizer generates a query plan, it analyzes what are the best indexes for a particular filter condition. If the best indexes...