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How fast you can obtain information about missing indexes? Its easy and quick!

On the subject line the process to find the answer is not a short one! By design SQL Server engine takes care when the query optimizer generates a query plan, it analyzes what are the best indexes for a particular filter condition. If the best indexes...

Vote now: Index defragmentation best practices for SQL Server 2005 & 2008 documentation

From the snippet of Tibor Karaszi , SQL Server MVP I have raised a feedback form on Connect.Microsoft website to get newer version (SQL Server 2005) about Index Defragmentation Best practices information. Vote your interest to get newer documentation...

SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition - make data available while creating indexes on large tables!

Though it is not a best practice to perform a CREATE INDEX on large tables during the online hours where you have number of users accessing the metadata of SQL Server database. Within SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition you can perform ONLINE indexes operation...

SQL Server 2005 Index Optimization Best Practices

Do you have a maintenance window to perform database reindexing? Have you ever performed full set of re-organize and re-index process on a bigger database? Do you know there are best practices to deploy in this regard? On large database systems, with...