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How fast you can obtain information about missing indexes? Its easy and quick!

On the subject line the process to find the answer is not a short one! By design SQL Server engine takes care when the query optimizer generates a query plan, it analyzes what are the best indexes for a particular filter condition. If the best indexes...

SQL Server - Have you observed DBCC SHRINKFILE operation performance, on huge databases?

In general it is not a best practice to perform SHRINK database operation on a production server, atleast regularly! Sometimes it may be compulsory to keep them sized in order to ensure the disk storage is not compromised for any sudden changes to databases...

TSQL to change collation of database, whats new in SQL 2008 then?

How can you change collation of a database? How do you check the existing collation setup on a database & tables? By using the below TSQL: --For database select databasepropertyex(db_name(),'collation') as collation_name go --Tables select column_name...