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SQL server 2008 Service Pack 2 available for download

As promised SQL Server release services has done it again, a great job in releasing SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2 . Continung from SQL-2008-CU10 blog post here, it is recommended (I say MUST) to go through the SP2 release notes the download link confirms...

SQLAzure - whats on your mind?

A new section on my blog site - SQL Azure. Remember SQL Server Data Server (SSDS) which has got a new naming as 'SQL Azure'! This is the new kid on SQL Server platform that has built on the SQL Server technologies to deliver relational database...

SQL Server 2008 features - Relational & Data Warehouse Scalability list (new)

Scalability is an important aspect in every application, a common achievement within OLTP environment and still applicable to OLAP (Anlaysis Services) environment. In any if the application or a cube or mining model may be unavailable for querying because...