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Do you know how many tools are included in SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack?

Hmm, interesting to know when you have been asked about such a 'stupid' question! What is a Feature Pack? Feature Packs are a set of collection that are designed to enhance the managing/developing/designing the SQL Server 2008 usability along...

Working with DateTime data types in SQL Server, guidelines and explanations!

Just a bit of basics about DateTime datatype in SQL Server, it has two different date/time columns. They are DATETIME and SMALLDATETIME and the difference between these two SQL Server date/time data types. SQL Server has a number of default formats it...

Get ready for SQL Server 2008 RTM release!

Are you desperate to get Relase To Manufacturing (RTM) release of SQL Server 2008? Well, long wait for SQL Server 2008 is nearly over. It is an official announcement that SQL Server 2008 will be on the August price list. This means that customers and...

SQL Server 2005 Replication: What are the Schemas and how they are replicated?

You may be aware SCHEMA carries 2 different meaning within SQL Server 2005 version that were introduced, first one is the definition of an object (object.schema) and next one is owner of an object (user.schema). In the first case replication copies the...