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Auto Update Stats change in SQL 2008 R2 sp 1

I came across a very interesting post via Brent Ozar’s weekly news email – ( I strongly recommend you go to  Brent's excellent website and subscribe to the weekly update)

The post states that a new trace flag had been made available in SQL 2008 R2 sp1 to change auto-update stats behaviour.  Using the new 2371 trace flag, SQL Server will now run auto-update-stats much more aggressively. ie at a much lower threshold than the previous default of 20% change.

Although this post relates to SAP – I think for many SQL DBAs this could be a very relevant trace flag. I have certainly encountered many situations where this would have been a useful option.

I also hope Microsoft consider introducing this for SQL 2008 ?

As always, any change to a production SQL Server needs to be well-tested before deploying – but this does look worthy of further investigation…

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