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Database Backup History From MSDB in a pivot table

I knocked up a nice little query to display backup history for each database in a pivot table format.

I wanted to display the most recent full, differential, and transaction log backup for each database.

Here's the SQL :-

WITH backupCTE AS (SELECT name, recovery_model_desc, d AS 'Last Full Backup', i AS 'Last Differential Backup', l AS 'Last Tlog Backup' FROM

( SELECT db.name, db.recovery_model_desc,type, backup_finish_date

FROM master.sys.databases db

LEFT OUTER JOIN msdb.dbo.backupset a

ON a.database_name = db.name

WHERE db.state_desc = 'ONLINE'

) AS Sourcetable  


(MAX (backup_finish_date) FOR type IN (D,I,L) ) AS MostRecentBackup )


 Gives output such as this :- 


With this query, I can then build up some straightforward queries to ensure backups are scheduled and running as expected -

For example, the following logic can be used ;- 

- WHERE [Last Full Backup] IS NULL) - ie database has never been backed up..

- WHERE [Last Tlog Backup] < DATEDIFF(mm,GETDATE(),-60) AND recovery_model_desc <> 'SIMPLE') - transction log not backed up in last 60 minutes.

WHERE [Last Full Backup] < DATEDIFF(dd,GETDATE(),-1) AND [Last Differential Backup] < [Last Full Backup]) -- no backup in last day.

- WHERE [Last Differential Backup] < DATEDIFF(dd,GETDATE(),-1) AND [Last Full Backup] < DATEDIFF(dd,GETDATE(),-8) ) -- no differential backup in last day when last full backup is over 8 days old.




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