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I am currently working on a number of blog post for Denali CTP 1


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At the Manchester SQL Server User Group we have had a number of sponser sessions, likewise at SQLBits too

You may think  that it would be an hour promoting the software that that a particular vendor has to offer. This is often not the case. many session spend  time focusing on the tools, native to SQL Server that can be used for performance tuning and finish off by providing an overview of vendors software and how it can make it easier to perform performance tuning operations on your SQL Server.

Many of you will be attending SQLBits this April. Many of the sponsors will perform a lunchtime lecture surrounding many areas of SQL Server. Event sponsors play a very important role in supporting events such as SQLBits and some of the SQL Server User group events

Based on the presentations I have seen, I would recommend attending one of the lunchtime sessions at SQLBits. I have no doubt you will pick up golden nuggets of information that will help you in your work. I know I have


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SQLBits announced some super-exciting news! A tie-up with our platinum sponsor, Fusion-io. Together we'll be running a series of events called "The Crappy Code Games" where SQL Server developers will compete to write the worst-performing code and win some very cool prizes including:


•        Gold: A hands-on, high performance flying day for two at Ultimate High plus Fusion-io flight jackets
•        Silver: One day racing experience at Palmer Sports where you will drive seven different high performance cars
•        Bronze: Pure Tech Racing 10 person package at PTR’s F1 racing facility includes FI tees, food and drinks.

…plus iPods, Windows Mobile phones, X-box 360s, t-shirts and much more.

There will be two qualifying events in Manchester on March 17th and London on March 31st, and the third qualifier as well as the grand finale will be held in the evening of Thursday April 7th at SQLBits. And if that isn’t cool enough, Fusion-io's Chief Scientist Steve Wozniak (yes, that Steve Wozniak, tech industry legend and co-founder of Apple) will be on hand in Brighton to hand out the prizes! If you'd like to take part you'll need to register, and since places are limited we recommend you do so right away. For more details and to register, go to http://www.crappycodegames.com/

The Games:
In conjunction with SQL Bits, dbA-thletes (that’s you) will compete  head-to-head in one of three
separate qualifying events to be held in Manchester, London and Brighton.  Four separate SQL  rounds
make up the evening’s Games, and will challenge you to write code that pushes the boundaries of SQL
performance.  The four events are:
  The High Jump: Generate the highest I/O per second
  The 100 m dash: Cumulative highest number of I/O’s in 60 seconds
  The SSIS-athon: Load one billion row fact table in the shortest time
  The Marathon: Generate the highest MB per second in 60 seconds