January 2012 - Posts

SQLBits X is proving to be the most popular SQLBits yet. The team is working very hard to bring the best speakers from around the world. For those who know me you will know my focus is on BI. However I wanted to point out a number of non BI sessions that I would recommend based on my experience of these speakers at the MVP Summit in Seattle or TechED.

Michael Rys

Anyone working with non relational data such as XML or Geospatial data will not want to miss the fact that Michael Rys is in town for SQLBits X.
Michael is a great guy but more importantly he is principal program manager in the SQL Server RDBMS team. He is responsible for the Beyond Relational Data and Services scenario that includes unstructured and semi-structured data management, search, Spatial, XML and others. He has been program manager for the XML features in SQL Server 2000 to 2008 such as FOR XML, the XML data type and XQuery and for Spatial Indexing in SQL Server 2008. He also represents Microsoft Corp. in the W3C XML Query working group and the ANSI SQL standardization effort

Michael is also a senior member of ACM and a member of IEEE and has given many presentations and contributed to several books on XQuery and XML and databases. His weblog can be found at http://sqlblog.com/blogs/michael_rys/default.aspx and can be followed at @SQLServerMike (when he finds time to tweet).
I have seen Michael’s sessions on more than one occasion. It was particularly useful at a time when my head was involved with geospatial data with reporting services. His sessions provided so much clarity that without his insight I would have never have got a project completed. His XML sessions are as equally insightful and delivered with ease.

So if you want insight into these technologies, I would recommend that you sign up for his training day session at www.SQLBits.com  His session is Beyond Relational in SQL Server 2012 and SQL Futures with Michael Rys and you would not want to miss this

Tobias Ternstrom

Equally, Tobias Ternstrom gives fantastic presentations. Tobias has been an avid customer of SQL Server since the mid-90s starting out with SQL Server 6. He fell in love with the product and grew into a passionate developer, instructor and architect over the next decade or so. A few years back Tobias joined the program management discipline of the SQL Server Engine. He is currently a Lead Program Manager managing a team of program managers who own the engine-side of the SQL Server & Azure development experience. His areas include T-SQL language, type system, libraries as well as the data-tier application model.
He gives great presentations that I have been privileged to see at the MVP Summits. I would wholly recommend his session that focuses on programmability features that are new to SQL Server 2012. There are exciting features such as the Windowing function, Lead and Lag and iof you want to know more about these I would recommend this session Programmability in SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure with Tobias Ternstrom.

I am very fortunate that I am given time to go and see these people in action. I work for a company that fully supports my development with the people who are at the cutting edge of SQL Server. The SQLBits committee try to bring these people to the UK for the benefit of the community. SO if you have had thoughts about attending these sessions. I would go for it. It is not often you get to spend a full day with the Program Managers of SQL Server technologies on your doorstep


Oh and someone let the Queen know...... Buck Woody is in town.... I better feed him this time :-)