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Customers can use Microsoft SSDS to store virtually any amount of data in the Cloud. They can query and modify data as required by the specific business scenarios. Microsoft SSDS supports standards-based REST and SOAP interfaces designed to work with any Internet-development toolkit. The primary wire format is XML. The data has flexible schema which can be modified dynamically by the application. The data is provided with high availability and reliability virtually anywhere, anytime.


Target Customers:

·         Businesses looking to reduce their capital and operational cost of storing and managing high-volume data off-premise.

·         Developers and partners hosting data-intensive and mashup type applications with minimal infrastructure investments in security, availability and manageability.

·         Customers building collaborative applications on large or shared data sets.


Benefits and Features:

·         Application Agility for quick deployment

o    Internet standard protocols and Interfaces (REST, SOAP).

o    Flexible data model with no schema required.

o    Simple text base query model.

o    Easy to program to from any programming environment.

·         On-Demand Scalability

o    Easy to store. modify and access data. Pay as you grow model.

o    Scales easily as data grows.

o    Web services for provisioning, deployment, and monitoring.

·         Business-Ready SLA

o    Built on robust Microsoft SQL Server database and Windows server technologies.

o    Store and manage multiple copies of the data for reliability and availability.

o    Back up data stored in each data cluster. Geo-redundant data copies to ensure business continuity.

o    Secure data access to help provide business confidentiality and privacy.


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