About Tony Rogerson

I've been in IT since 1986 starting my career on the IBM mainframe programming in such languages as Application System, PL/1, CICS, DB2, System W. Around 1994 I moved into the client/server environment using Visual Basic and C++, Oracle at first and then Microsoft SQL Server, I now code using VB.NET and C# but am really SQL Server focused.

I've been an independent consultant since 1999 based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. I've built long standing relationships with many clients from a Research Fellow right the way through to enterprise covering a lot of business areas, Banking (Retail, Investment), Retail, Knowledge Management, Manufacturing, Motor Racing, Web Industries and a ton more I don't even know how to classify!

In 1998 I founded the UK SQL Server Community (http://sqlserverfaq.com) - I still run this in my spare time, presenting in the Community, doing online webcasts etc...

If you need anything SQL Server centric then give me a call for an initial free chat on your problem, my rates are reasonable and costed such to be affordable for an ongoing relationship which many of my clients do.

If you would like to contact me the email me at tonyrogerson@torver.net or call me on +44(0)1582 346161.