After many years of keyboard excercise I suddenly noticed my belly seemed to be swollen, apartently my wife diagnosed this as FB syndrome - no guess to what the FB means ;).

Anyway, on the look out for a good excercise routine that would encompass large belly reduction as well as de-stressing me, oh, and self-defence in this evil world we seem to now live in, Oyksville; well, I found Taekwon Do, a local school in St Albans.

Why post? Well, I've just got back from my first grading and am now a fully fledged white belt with yellow tags - yippeee.

I am amazed at how this martial art helps with my concerntration and physical fitness.

To get my tags I had to do 10 press ups on my knuckles!

Anyway, anybody in the same boat as me, and I guess that is quite a few in IT if my experience is anything to go by - I highly recommend Taekwon Do.