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Deck and Samples from my talk @ VBUG [Concurrency, Collations, Linear v Set Programming, FOR XML]

The attached ZIP file contains all the sample code I used at todays VBUG conference.

Some notes: to do the concurrency tests you need to first set the is_running flag to 'N' and then copy the test script into 5 or more connection windows executing them in turn, the short cut keys to do that in Management Studio are CTRL N (New Query), CTRL V (Paste) and CTRL E (Execute).

Once they are running (and waiting) then you go to the Results.SQL and update the flag to 'Y' and then wait a while until they all finish - check the output on each to see if you got a PK violation or deadlock.

Any questions then don't hesitate to either post a comment here (preferred so everybody gets the benefit) or email me directly to tonyrogerson@sqlserverfaq.com.

I will be repeating this session at my own user group evening next Tuesday and also at the NextGen UG meeting in Oxford on the 1st Nov. If I get time and my machine set up I'll record a blogcast of the presentation and post it here too.

Remember, concurrency are often difficult to track, for instance some of the scripts work fine on my laptop (at different times too) because the hardware is slower, so always be aware of SQL locking behaviour - often, production boxes are more powerful and have multiple processors....


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