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Advice required - Holiday in Lulworth Cover, I require WiFi / Internet access

Ok, so, my wife seems to think I need a holiday - no argument there. With Katmai coming up, I think my brain needs a rest before the next on slaught of new stuff blah blah...

Anyway, as I'm completely addicted to my email and the online community - I need fast internet access in Lulworth Cove (thats in England for all you US folks, <sarcasm>not London England but slightly out, a tad fiurther south</sarcasm>; I do have 3g via Vodafone and T-Mobile but just in case on the coast it doesn't recieve (It's nearer France after all), actually, that brings up a little story on my last holiday where we all went to Heartbeat country (near Whitby), anyway - I was staying in the village where the Adensfield Arms is (supposed), basically, I had to drive out of the village and to the top of a hill in order to get GPRS - funny at the time, and to prove it - I've got a picture of a sheep giving me a 'get off my land' glare - and Simon/Trevor, fyi - no, I didn't shag it, well, not this time - I didn't have the time ;), I sware to god I saw somebody who was the spit of Allan Mitchell there though.....

Anyway, I digress.

I know a few folks read my blog now-a-days; so please; if anybody has a) been near Lulworth Cove and b) know of a hotel / guest house that does WiFi / broadband then please please let me know, via a comment to this or to



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