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2 x VB.Net / SQL 2000/5 developers required based at 1 x Weybridge and 1 x Woking

One of my clients is seeking people for the following roles, personally, it's a good company and the jobs will be interesting - no politics either for those in the corp world. If you are interested then email me (tonyrogerson@torver.net) and I'll pass your details on.

2  x  VB.Net / SQL 2000/5 developers required based at  1 x Weybridge and 1 x Woking


Purpose of Role:  A hands-on role within the IT team, individuals at this level must be totally proficient in all aspects of VB.NET and SQL 2000/5. They will work closely with the business to translate business requirements. From time to time, this individual may be required to undertake assignments not directly covered by this role profile as the needs of the business demand, as part of their personal development plan or to enhance the departmental capability.


Key Accountabilities


·         Working with business and development teams, reporting solutions and guidance for other members of the team and take responsibility for the implications and impact of design decisions.


·         Accurately estimating duration and effort required to complete tasks.


·         Supplying innovative ideas and suggestion for improvement in working practices, tools and technologies to be used by the team.


·         Ensuring that the IT Manager/Director is kept informed of progress, issues and difficulties in an efficient manner.


·         Understand the needs of the business to ensure applications are developed that fit business requirements in terms of supportability, scalability and stability.


Essential Skills/Qualifications:


·         A good academic background with a degree and at least 2 years programming experience.

·         The ability to work closely with management and clients.

·         Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

·         Solid working knowledge of the following technologies:

·         VB.Net

·         Microsoft SQL Database 2000 / 2005


·         Ability to plan own time efficiently with a focus on delivery of tasks whilst making themselves available to others as required.

·         Good communication skills, both written and verbal.


Desirable Skills/Qualifications:


·         Experience working on bespoke software solutions or products in an environment close to the business users

·         Familiarity with the following:

  • Experience of call centre environments


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