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SQLBits II - Some thoughts from last Sat

As I draw breath from another busy week I take stock on what a great event last Saturday was - 350 people on the day, tons of positive feedback, throughout the day the whole atmosphere was great - can't wait until SQLBits III.

The day did start off in a panic, mine and Charles laptops only have DVI output and the projectors only took VGA so I had to run into town and pick up a convertor - thank god for Maplins! Not sure I could squeeze 120 people around my laptop screen. The Saturday night after the event a few of us piled into Birmingham for a Balti - Simon Sabin chose the restraunt and the food was cracking - one problem, because of a licence problem they couldn't serve us drink, 13 thirsty geeks all wanting refreshment - as luck would have it there was a Tesco next door so we loaded up a few baskets and brought our own - splendid :)

Thanks to all those who helped on the day including the speakers, Barry Dorrans, Phil Winstanley, Colin MacKay, Ed Vassie, Martin Cairney and Melville Thomson.

This week we have been collating presentations and putting the feedback page together which I'm about to email out - I could almost do this for a living.

Where does all the time go.

I'll post my presentation and the recording shortly.

Remember - the UK SQL Server User Group wants to put on regional meetings - just give me details of a suitable venue (30 - 120 people) and I'll do the rest.


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