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Taking stock on the success of

Spent a while today upgrading from CS2.0 to CS2007.1 - very simple migration, a few things I'd forgotten to do but up and running now.

It's resident on one of my own servers down in Docklands running on SQL 2005 Express.

While tidying up the database bits I thought to myself, I wonder how popular the site is because I've been noticing more and more posts on the RSS feed from the site.

Total blog posts: 1,692 from 72 blogs since 5th February 2006 which is when came to be.

Since inception we've had 982,358 aggregated views and 1,476,232 total views to the site - wow - and that's just blogs because we don't have forums! Personally, I'm amazed at how popular the site has become.

Out of the 72 blogs, 49 are based in the UK and the other 23 are based in other parts of the world.

Anyway, best put the backups in place and that's me - enjoy your long weekend and happy blogging folk!


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